Employee retention and regulation compliance are two sides of the same coin.

Together We Can Make It Happen.
Fresh Water, Hand Wash, Flush, No Waste in The Stall
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Success Redefined


Historically spending money on sanitation or safety was viewed as nonproductive spending that did not help the bottom line.  


In a time of a increased jobsite regulations and a scarcity of good employees, sanitation and health and safety are now viewed in a positive light.


Our larger, fresh water hand wash and flush toilets, no waste stored in the lavatory stall, tell your employees that you care.


Together we can make regulatory compliance a positive economic experience.


Patents Issued and Pending

Turnkey Solutions


Porta John® is a full service sanitation and health and safety manufacturing company that can establish turnkey systems to meet most any requirement.


Our products include emergency sanitation equipment i. e the folding porta potty that can be activated within a moment's notice.  The equipment is fully operational, assembled and stores compactly in out of the way areas. 

Product Portability and Self Sufficiency


Many of our products can be refurbished or in some cases shipped from project to project enhancing both their value and efficiency.

We manufacture non-specific sanitation service systems that can be transferred from truck to trailers in minutes.





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